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Social Networks, Organizations, and Work (SNOW)


The SNOWbelt Research Group at UMass Boston



Social Network Analysis and Modeling*


Social network analysis and modeling -- whether formal, statistical, or diagrammatical -- allows researchers to develop theory and test empirically organization dimensions, frameworks, and fields of application.  It is a set of integrated techniques to depict relations among actors and to analyze the social structures that emerge from the recurrence of these relations. If actors are depicted as nodes, and their relations as lines among pairs of nodes, the concept of social network analysis and modeling changes from being a metaphor to an operative analytical tool which utilizes the mathematical language of graph theory and of matrix and relational algebra. Applied to large data sets, statistical computing, or computer simulation social network analysis and modeling changes once again from a formal-analytic tool to a computationally intensive research methodology.


SNOWbelt goals 


  1. Develop data collection and preparation tools and materials for making direct automated measurements and analysis of social networks.
  2. Use state-of-the-art computational models to empirically test social network structures from these data.
  3. Develop new computational models to infer social network structures from these data.
  4. Validate our methods and communicate to the SNOWbelt research community.
  5. Our team includes experts from Management, Marketing, Sociology, Anthropology and **Computer Science and Mathematics, integrates tools from each field, and addresses questions that would be intractable without this interdisciplinary lens.




  • Colleges of Management and Liberal Arts SNA Research Methodology  


*Our working definition is adapted from Chiesi, A.M.  2001. Network analysis. International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences pp: 10499-10502

**We are actively seeking CS and Math colleagues!

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